Saturday, October 10, 2015

Barcelona color

We just returned from another family trip to Europe.  We are very thankful to have these opportunities with Adrian's work.  Our first stop this year was Barcelona where we spent 9 days.  Enjoy these photos of colorful Barcelona!  

I had to laugh at myself.  From across the way I saw "pies" and the sign looked rather old-fashioned bringing to mind old fashioned handmade pies and my mouth began to water.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was an advertisement for a pharmacy and treatments for foot ailments!  Joke's on me!

Parc Guell

Mercato La Boqueria - dragon fruit


late summer tomatoes


God's wondrous creations from the sea

Have you ever been to Barcelona?  What were your impressions?  Favorite memories?  



Kori said...


Sharon Wang said...

Did you try the dragon fruit? I haven't, but when I was in Vancouver, B.C. there was an ice cream place that had like a bazillion flavors and I'm sure that was one of them. I did not partake.

Melissa said...

LOVE these posts!! Thank you for sharing your trip memories. Can't wait to read more!