Sunday, October 25, 2015

Barcelona - day two

I had to include this photo not because it is super interesting but because I want to remember.  David is a five year old boy.  He likes to RUN and be pretty rambunctious outside.  Great and normal!  Just the day before though I had talked with him about being particularly careful when older people were around and really taking his time and giving them plenty of space because we didn't want to cause them to stumble over him (or him run headlong into them!)  On this morning as we set out I had to capture this moment of him just waiting on the elderly person in the wheelchair in front of us.  I was so very proud of him!  

Pretty sign and door

these two!  We hadn't made it far from the apartment AT ALL on a day where we had quite a bit of ground to cover before they wanted to stop and play.  For about 45 seconds at a time Adrian and I got to relax on a bench and talk and then there would be the loud silly play, a fight, reminders not to whack things that were not ours to destroy with sticks we picked up, etc.  Never a dull moment!!  

let's throw things on the ground and see what happens . . . let's pick up this cardboard we found on the ground and try to do something with it . . . parent:  "Don't pick up that cardboard, it's dirty."  child:  "It's not dirty."  Parent looks at child holding up aforementioned cardboard and unfortunately/fortunately it does look fairly pristine . . . what to do, what to do???

Having made it a bit farther along our route . . . 

a beautiful blue sky framed by an ancient window

Lovely rainbow of color atop these posts on a quiet street in what turned out to be one of our favorite sections of the city

And finally, by the time we were all hot and tired and cranky . . . we made it to our destination, the beach!!!  

Beautiful girl!!!  

Afterward we took the kids to a vegan restaurant so that we had the safety of knowing that they could eat anything in the place with their egg/milk allergies and choose anything they wanted instead of being given just a couple of choices.  The place advertised a free mini tapa with an instagram pic but despite taking this one of their fun and funky decor and showing them, we didn't get one for whatever reason . . . what are you going to do?

One other fun thing about their decor that I didn't take a photo of was that in the bathroom the sinks had those flat glass "fish bowl" marbles in them over the drains and it made a fun presentation.  If you come to my house and find this duplicated, play along.  

The food was really good!  This girl enjoyed her hummus!  

This boy enjoyed what he got but did ask if we could go to a different restaurant and get some meat!  

I took this photo in the moment that I was re-remembering what it is like to travel with a two year old.  Basically you have to be prepared for every inch of their bodies to come in contact with every square inch of every city surface.  

Pretty storefront at dusk

Yay for ending the day with gelato and dairy free hippo and teddy bear pops!!!  

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