Thursday, November 5, 2015

Barcelona - day three

yummy pastries - will you look at all of that cream???!!!

walking along the city streets - he loved to leave the apartment and "go exploring in the big city" as he called it which was just a more "downtown" type area of Barcelona than where we were staying

AMAZING cream pastry shared by a fountain in one of the city squares - a delicious sponge cake wrapped around yummy lightly sweetened cream with a creme brulee type sugar coating.

patatas bravas

Chorizo and a happy boy!

 and a happy girl!

 Mama and Daddy's lunch

one of the wonderful, ever present playgrounds

this one learned a lot of "catch phrases" quickly

"I'm  having a little trouble walking."
"My foot hurts."
"I need to shake out my shoes."  

ahh traveling with a two year old!  
But I would rather travel with a two year old than not!

 climbing a BIG anchor

1 comment:

BR said...

awesome!! quinn just said, "mama! its HIM! Its DAVID!"
That was on the chorizo pic.
love the walk away hands behind the back pic of david exploring the city.
Ruby likes seeing her penguin shoes in the pictures!