Friday, November 13, 2015

school this week

We are all really enjoying this new journey of homeschooling that we are on.  I thought I would give you just a quick glimpse of our week in pictures.  

David created his own motorcycle - dreamed up the project and figured out how to execute it.  This boy is always building and creating!

Celebrated our first snow with snowflake tortillas for breakfast - just cut, butter and sprinkle cinnamon sugar - these are the uncooked ones from costco so then we just cooked it up on the skillet.

And a snowball fight before it all melted away!

Another project of the week was building a playground in the living room.  

We did a Five in a Row unit study on the book Cranberry Thanksgiving.  We examined cranberries under our magnifying glass and made observations about them.  I let David dictate and I recorded all of our observations for our nature journal.  I think I have decided that instead of a chronological journal I want to get alphabet divider tabs and insert sheets into a binder alphabetically.  

Examining the holes that hold the seeds. 

We counted the seeds in three separate cranberries.  I thought the numbers of seeds would be more uniform but our three counts yielded 18, 19 and 22.

Baking pumpkin cranberry pecan chocolate chip bread.

Today we did homeschool with friends!  We had such a fun day doing Cranberry Thanksgiving all together.  In the book one of the main characters "judges a book by it's cover" in regards to judging character.  We learned the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" and had a little object lesson to reinforce the concept.  (idea here)

Each child got to choose if they wanted a colorful gift bag or a crumpled plastic shopping bag.  The colorful bags contained rotten banana peels and the shopping bags contained leftover Halloween candy!  

They also got the immense privilege of eating lunch WHILE watching a video!  Dirty Jobs Cranberry Bog edition!  

We had a cranberry relay where they tried different physical skills (tiptoes, hopping, etc.) while trying to transfer cranberries on a spoon to fill their cups!

There was some impromptu "ice skating".  

And here my photos have gotten a bit out of order.

Breakfast Bible reading

Brother/sister free play

Sorting Halloween candy

Nature walks

And back to the photos from our friends' house . . . we made a "cranberry bog" sensory bin that they LOVED.

Craisin, whole raw cranberry and stewed cranberry snack that we ate while describing the different ones on a thinking map. 

The boys figured out how to turn the syringes in the sensory bin into cranberry launchers using the pressure of the water to propel the cranberries!  

Also, homemade cranberry playdoh in the background!  

coloring the New England states on the map since that's where cranberries are grown and the story took place

listening to the story

It has been a great week!  



Mindy S. said...

Love that! Looks like so much fun!

Kori said...

what fun! I love David's and Cora's faces when they are opening banana peels / candy!

Sharon Wang said...

Can you homeschool me, too? ;) Looks like so much fun! I couldn't believe the amount of time my girls spent going through their Halloween candy. They kept doing it over and over again! Asking the names of ones they weren't sure of and sorting them. When did Cora grow up?? She looks so big. Lastly, who needs My Gym when you can build a playground in the comfort of your own home???

Gina said...

Oh Kelly! I just love that you are homeschooling!! It's been a while since I checked in...sorry :-)

BR said...

What an amazing bunch of activities you provided for your sweet children to do! You're such a good teacher!

Mandy said...

these are such great pictures! i'm so glad you are capturing so many fun moments!