Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Barcelona - day four

These loaded all out of order and there are too many of them for me to want to go through and re-order them with blogger's janky works.  So . . . here in a very random order, Barcelona day four!  

At the end of a long, full day we went to the 

Font Màgica de Montjuïc

It was really great and reminded me of the many times my parents took us to the Dancing Waters Show at the Disneyland Hotel growing up.  

This one was built in just one year by 3000 workers for the world exhibition in 1929!

View coming up out of the subway


So pretty and very fun to experience with the kids!  

Gorgeous!!  Can you see the little girl on the left with her arms raised in enjoyment??  So fun!! 

Me and my girlie enjoying the show!  Seems crazy now a month and a half later sitting in Colorado in long sleeves and a down vest to see us both in summer clothes!  

The stache is even popular in Barcelona! 

We had an enjoyable rest in this plaza.  The kids really enjoyed running around.  Do you see those crazy hot pink get ups in the background?  They were advertising some food service and it was appalling to me how only the girls were wearing the hot pink body suits that were extremely unflattering but someone probably thought would sell more of their service by exploiting women's bodies.  Don't get me started . . . 

Anyway, back to the kids and the relaxing time we had . . . 

Adrian snapped this photo of me . . . 

running, running, running

does he have my walk or what?

Spanish birthday party in the park!  So fun!

this girl learned early on how to get a ride when she wanted 

again with touching all the surfaces!  

boy with his stick 

churros for all!

I like the juxtaposition of old and new

sweet kids who let my kids play too!

and taking a break from all that running!

keeping snacks handy was always a good move when we were out and about


and there was also some of this . . . 

before heading up into Parc Guell we stopped at a green grocer and picked up plums

gorgeous view!

they both loved riding the escalators so much!


Kim said...

If I am ever brave enough to fly overseas, I'm taking y'all with me! Probably need to lose the "y'all" :-) Love traveling through your photos!

BR said...

Barcelona!!! How wonderful to see my dear friends! Each of your family photographed in this post!