Saturday, March 24, 2018

Wales Worship

It looks like super short blogposts may be what is needed to actually blog while traveling with the internet, etc. like it is.  

Our second morning in Wales, Sarah started up an impromptu worship jam session.  It was really nice.  It was fun to sing and play Rend Collective closer to where they originate from.  :). 

It was also my first time to play cajon.  It was fun to try out.  

That night we also went for tea (evening meal) to my bil's sister's house to celebrate his other sister's birthday.  It was a really neat time and good to meet everyone there.  After dinner we congregated in the lounge (living room) to sing and play again.  

I really like my kids getting to see that worship isn't something we only do in our little corner of the world and being able to sing some of the same songs with people halfway around the world, with different accents, etc.  

Where is one of your favorite "non-home" places to worship or people to worship with?