Saturday, March 1, 2008

Move over P.F. Chang's

Happy Leap Day!

Lettuce Wraps . . . ! Can't you just taste 'em? Adrian cooked dinner for me last night (am I a blessed girl or what?!) and made homemade lettuce wraps for me from the P.F. Chang's recipe that he found online. They were soooooo good! They tasted JUST LIKE we were at the restaurant only possibly a little better! We even got to leave out the yucky blucky* mushrooms since we both detest fungus. (well, unless it's blue cheese for me ;)

Today we had the leftover sauce over salad greens and I added peanuts to mine. Yum, yum, yum! I can taste it now. Is 10:30 p.m. too late to eat a salad?

* I learned the term yucky blucky from Junie B. Jones ;)


Karen said...

Yummy! I too can taste the lettuce wraps. Do you think Adrian would bring the recipe when ya'll come for SB? Maybe we could all cook it together?

jennyc said...

I think 10:30 is a perfectly respectable time to eat a salad! Especially one cooked by a talented boyfriend. I love "eating vicariously" through your blog!

Paige said...

Love me some Junie B!

TracyMichele said...

MAN I love PFChang's lettuce wraps. We are having a blogger dinner tomorrow night and I am hoping they pick PFChangs.. especially after seeing this post. Craving them now! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love what I see on yours!