Monday, March 3, 2008

what to read?

I'd like to check a good book out of the library. Any suggestions? Just for reference, I like a book that's squeaky clean, pure and wholesome, doesn't have to be Chrisitan though. I can't handle anything too scary. :) I like adventure, biographical novels, chick lit, travel memoirs . . . I've already read the Mitford series (and love it) and Jan Karon's newest, Home to Holly Springs. I've read most of Francine Rivers and I don't like Karen Kingsbury oh so much. (I know, I'm like the only person on the planet I think.) Anyway, looking forward to your suggestions! Thanks! Kelly


Karen said...

Oh how I love to make book recommendations.

I just read a YA novel Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica that I think you'd enjoy.

Mary Higgins Clark writes good clean mysteries.

I haven't read these but I hear that Debbie Macomber's series about a knitting shop is good. I picked up the audio book A GOOD YARN, but hear that I need to read/listen to them in order.


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Karen Kingsbury either. I have tried really hard, but there is something about her style that make her books hard to enjoy for me. I am glad that I am not the only one out there. :-)

A series that I am currently enjoying is the Elm Creek Quilt series of books by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Mindy S.

Momala said...

I'm going back to the classics here, but have you read Jane Austen? If not, I recommend them.

BTW, I don't like Karen Kingsbury either.

Karen said...

Another "not a Karen Kingsbury" fan. Her books always seem to be so sad.

Mod Girl said...

Not a fan of Karen Kingsbury either -- all of her books are the same!

I recently read and enjoyed "I Capture the Castle" -- which fits into the juvenile fiction category. I think it received a Newberry honor.

I also love "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

"Up A Road Slowly" by Irene Hunt is good -- another juvenile fiction, Newberry award winning book.

"Jacob Have I Loved" by Katherine Patterson is great. Yet another Newberry award winner. Can you tell I love juvenile classics?

Jessica said...

Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) and Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) were two of my favorite re-reads lately. I'm 3/4 done with Jane Eyre but struggling through that last part! I also had another friend just finish Kite Runner and loved it.

If you have never read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, read it!!!

jaime s said...

Another non fan of KK and I grew up in Indiana (where her books are staged). I may have liked her if I hadn't read Francine first, but after reading Francine, I just couldn't read the second book.

I just posted a similar blog and found the WONDERFUL Mitford series (I've read the first 2). I would HIGHLY recommend The Hiding Place (thanks, Jessica, I had forgotten about that GREAT book). I also have enjoyed the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.

Let us know what you pick!!

Mod Girl said...

Okay, Kelly, I think I may have been a bit hasty in recommending "I Capture the Castle". The story is charming -- the coming of age of a young woman who is an aspiring writer living with her family in an old, ruined castle. There are, however, a few incidents in the book that keep me from categorizing it as completely "squeaky clean, pure and wholesome". Just thought that I should clarify that for you and your readers. Forgive my hastiness.

Lisa said...

Hi Kelly - I found your blog a little while ago, and read it every once in a while. But, I typically don't take the time to comment. Seems like things are going well in your world - so glad to hear it! :)

I do have a book to share - but you may have already been clued in to it. Have you read "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Ron Hall & Denver Moore? Talk about a beautiful & inspring story of a friendship that could only exist through God's power! I'm recommending it to everyone I know.

Lisa Kilgore

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read any books by Grace Livingston Hill? She wrote "modern" Christian romance novels in the 19teens and 1920s. It just struck me today that the lover of all things vintage in you just might enjoy some of her books.

Mindy S.

Tiffany said...

Hey! I have been reading a LOT more lately and have found several books by Rachel Hauck that I like, similar to Kristen Billerbeck style...also, Sally John has a series I've picked up that is pretty good. But then again, you may not like my recommendations since I'm a Karen fan! Let us know what you read and what you think of them! If you want to borrow any of those above I have them all. My library is yours!