Tuesday, March 18, 2008

when life gives you lemons . . .

go on a fantastic date!

Adrian and I are in the middle of taking ballroom dancing lessons but a few weeks ago he hurt his ankle on the day of our lesson. We'd been looking forward to it as well as a dance on Friday night and dancing at my friend Sarah's wedding on Saturday so it was a bummer to us both.

I had open house on Thursday and afterward we went on a special date! On a school night!
I really wanted to take him to one of my favorite Italian places, Nero's, down on lower Greenville. Red and pink twinkle lights strung over the tables, their pink bread, some of the best gnocchi in Dallas, etc., etc.! I love that place! I even went there for my birthday one year.

Well, we got down there and it was gone. In it's place sat yet another bar, like they need another on lower Greenville. Anyway, we kept our chins up and after a little bit of wandering and looking and racking our brains and discarding options, we thought to look on my friend Katie's blog
via the magnificent iphone because she periodically posts about restaurants she likes and she has great taste!!

So, thanks to Katie, we ended up at Olivella's
and had such a lovely dinner in a wonderfully romantic and nice atmostphere that was quiet and friendly with flickering candles and the doors flung open to the spring evening. God reminded me to not focus on what can't be but what can!

half demolished fantastic salad!

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Katie said...

So glad y'all had fun! I'll have to try Nero's soon!