Monday, February 23, 2009

spot on the tablecloth

My mom gave me a book in 1995 that has stayed one of my favorites (she knows me well).  One of the quotes in it says, 

"A good host puts the first stain on the tablecloth."  
                                                                               - anonymous

That quote has really stuck with me since I first read it.  I think it's so important for people to feel comfortable and never intimidated.  One of the ways I try to "live out" this quote is to use tablecloths that already have stains.  :)  Remember the vintage tablecloths I got two weekends ago for $3 each?  I used one tonight and even after good stain-treating and laundering, it has some stains.  Some "collectors" would shun this but to me it shows it's been used and loved and makes it so much easier to use and splash balsamic vinegar and drag blackberry juice across as we did tonight.  Not that we did on purpose at all but if you're going to eat and enjoy it sometimes messes happen.  We shared fellowship with a great friend and didn't worry one smidge about the tablecloth.  

The stain was already there.  

See it?

So, we don't worry about it, enjoy ourselves, enjoy catching up, share life, eat a good meal and then just throw the tablecloth in the wash. 
Have a good night.  Kelly

p.s. if you're curious about the book, the link will take you to amazon where you can see it.  In googling the author, Judie Byrd, I just learned that she lives nearby in Fort Worth and is the creator of Super Suppers.  How cool is that?  And Judie, if you ever google your name and run across my blog, thanks for writing this book!  I've received much encouragement and inspiration from it over the years.  Kelly


Gina said...

Ahh..I love that philosphy. I think that's why I love vintage so much as well.. the stains are already there and you can use and love them without worry.

Amanda said...

A tablecloth always makes the food much more appetizing for me! Love vinatge tablecloths especially!

Cary/Ashley said...

instead of spot on the should be "character on the tablecloth!"

Anna said...

I've never heard that quote, but it is indeed, a good one.

There is something gloriously freeing about not having everything "perfect."

(Great tablecloth, by the way.)

Mod Girl said...

Oh, that book sounds like a goody! Thanks for writing about it.

You set a beautiful table and are an even more gracious hostess.

Jill at Woodsy Ivy said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.

I love your blog! You were such a BEAUTIFUL bride! And I love, love those paper lanterns at your reception. What a neat idea! It looks magical.

Couldn't agree more about the tableclothes! I say~~the more spots, the better! :-)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I love that tablecloth!! And the quote!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I love yours!!!

French Blue Home said...

Cheers to tablecloths which have had a good life! :) In response to Paris, I will be staying with friends...but if you have any recommendations for me, please let me know. I've been several times before, but I'm always anxious to see the city through new eyes!

Sandy said...

oh yes, i never let a spot on the tablecloth stop me! i even started a post on that (somewhere in my archive!) :) great post Kelly!