Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Travel Tuesdays - Miami

Oklahoma that is!  

Adrian and I took a road trip from Missouri to Texas a couple summers ago.  

I searched online before we went to see if I could find any "gems" that we could experience along the way.  I don't remember how I found this little place but the Kuku Burger is definitely worth a stop if you're driving through Miami, Oklahoma.  It is right off the turnpike I think and also on historic Route 66.  ("If you ever plan to motor west . . .")

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Anonymous said...

I had wondered if you guys had ever made that drive. Next time you do it, you will have to make a stop at the Shearer Home on your way through Tulsa. I can't guarantee that the atmosphere would be as quaint, but the company would be good. (And just an FYI for your readers: we may spell it Miami, but in Oklahoma we say it "Miamuh".) :-)
Mindy S.