Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wedding Wednesday - long rows of tables

When I thought of our reception and what I wanted it to be like, I really wanted the feel of a family gathering. I wanted it to be homey. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable. I wanted long rows of tables with different wooden chairs down either side. Well, where in the world to you get hundreds of different wooden chairs (even though they have pics like that in the magazines) and if the tables were all pushed together into really long tables then no one could move around them easily. So, since we had a real wedding, not one that only gets photographed for a magazine, this is what we came up with and I love the way it looks!

photo by Rachel Debell

photo by Rachel Debell

photo by my friend Jenni

photo by my friend Jenni

photo by my friend Jenni

Two of my aunts sewed the table runners that add to the illusion of length. My friends Emily, Rachel and Sarah decorated the tables with all my stuff and countless people helped iron & lay out tablecloths, light candles, etc. It was so much fun!


Mod Girl said...

As always, I love the photos (you hired one cracker-jack of a photographer!). Your real wedding looks like a fantasy, magazine wedding to me.

It looks as though the room was very long so long tables work perfectly. Gorgeous!

Julie said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words you left at my blog. Your visits and words bless me so much.

I loved seeing the pictures... Everything looked beautiful...

Again, thank you for your sweet words. You blessed me today..

Hugs from Georgia,

Sandy said...

You've got great aunts and great taste, girl!

Sandi said...


Crissie said...

Absolutely beautiful Kelly! You did a wonderful job! I especially love the table runners - I need to give that a try. My 13 year old son informed me last night that the shape of our oval table isn't hip. You know I'm in trouble when a teenage boy is advising me on style! I'm thinking that a beautiful table runner would be the perfect thing. Thank you for the inspiration and for the sweet comment you left on my blog.


Anonymous said...

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