Monday, December 13, 2010

special helper

This is my very first nephew.

I now have 6 nephews and 2 nieces but this guy was my very first taste of being an aunt.

We're buddies.

He has a special love for rolls.

When we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family I asked him if he'd like to help me make the special Christmas morning rolls.

He was excited to do so and we had so much fun.

We have been making these treats for Christmas morning breakfast for many, many years.

Buy a couple packages of crescent rolls and lay the rolls out flat in pairs, pressing the seams together.

Mix together 8 oz. or so cream cheese (for two packages of rolls), some powdered sugar (sorry I don't have exact amounts) and some almond extract.

Put some of this mixture on top of the crescents.

Make sure it tastes good.

Top with a dollop of cherry pie filling.

Bake at 350 until golden. Enjoy!

What do you eat on Christmas morning?


top photo: Mandy
all others: Adrian


Mindy S. said...

Pumpkin bread! Yum!

Jenni said...


In years past, if we are in Tennessee, we have a big breakfast - eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuts, gravy, etc. - all cooked by my cousin Randy. I don't know that we have a tradition really yet at my parent's house.

Vera from Lady and the Blog said...

AW!! Makes me feel bad about not letting my little boy participate more. :)

Michelle @ Ten June said...

wow- gorgeous pictures!! what kind of camera do you use?

Karen said...

This makes an already good memory even better.

Melissa Jackson said...

Such fun times and memories! Those look amazing...I may have to tuck this recipe away and try it sometime!

Hallie said...

those look tasty! :) thanks for stopping by my blog! yay, dallas bloggers!