Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wrapping presents

For the last several years I've enjoyed wrapping presents in bright graphic papers that might not necessarily be "Christmasy" but then using ribbons, etc. to make them festive for Yuletide.

What are your favorite ways to wrap Christmas gifts?

Gift bags?

Wrapping paper?

Fabric ribbon?

Curling ribbon?

Stick on bows?


Jenny said...

My brother would always forget to wrap his presents (plus he didn't like to) so we'd get them in his pillow case. We've continued it as a family joke. I also like to wrap gifts for babies in tissue paper because they can tear into it better.

Jenni said...

I use Christmas paper and rarely use ribbon. Just too impatient really. I love this black and white stripe paper!

Melissa Jackson said...


I used to like for all the gifts under the tree to be wrapped in the same paper (or maybe two coordinating papers). The bows/ribbons/embellishments varied by year depending on the paper I chose.

The last few years, I have started mixing papers, and I like to wrap all of one persons gifts to match. (For example, one person's may be snowmen paper, one person's candy canes paper, and another person's Christmas tree paper. One year, I used all solids: red, green, gold, and silver.) This makes it fun because I know who the gifts belong to, but I don't have to put tags on them, so it keeps people guessing which ones are theirs until it's time to open (or until I decide to reveal it to them).

It's fun and looks great if you have coordinating papers, but this year I'm cleaning out all that's left in my Christmas stash. Hopefully I can still wrap each person's gifts in matching paper!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm with you. Each year, right after Christmas, I select our wrapping paper(s) for the next year when they're on sale. I always lean toward bright, modish, graphic paper (Target is a good source), usually dots or stripes and very rarely Christmas themed. Any embellishments come from my stash of ribbons and notions.

Deborah said...

My favorite thing would be if YOU would come and do all my wrapping for me!

I like to go to after Christmas sales and get my paper for the following year. I do not use bows, unless the present is headed out the door immediately. Our cat LOVES ribbon...like eating it. Ewww.

Lori said...

Always wrap, no bags unless wierd shaped object. I try to cooridnate. Paper I am tired of or left over from last year gets mailed to the out of towners for under their tree. They never know.

Leslie said...

I love the same.. I love using non holiday party..

my favorite right now..

is brown kraft paper...
with lace..
and bakers twine...
and handmade tags.

simple, cheap and sweet.