Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cutie friends in matching clothes

It was really fun when we discovered that our kiddos had the same outfit in it's boy/girl version. The mamas decided to dress them alike for a birthday party we attended last weekend.

Fun times!


photo by Adrian


Ashley said...

What cute little matching babies! :)

Jenni said...

so fun!

Christine said...

So Cute! What a fun blog you have over here! Thank you for the visit to mine the other day. You asked me about rolling/folding my linens..I fold them in half and roll them like you would a beach towel in the summer time. I like to fold everything thing because I think it looks prettier and easy to store in big baskets and on my shelves. I lived in Sweden for a summer and the family I stayed with rolled up every thing claiming you have less wrinkles and more room for storage. So I Have done it ever since. Even all my towels are all rolled up as well. Blessings on ya! =O)