Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what to eat

Oh how lovely it was to "get back together" with all of you yesterday and receive your wonderful comments. Just made my day! Thanks.

In other news, David has been an eating champ all along but over the holidays he just "took off"! While we were at the farm he went crazy over ham and bananas and had two (small) bowls of stew! This kid is starting to eat us out of house and home. :)

So here's what I'd like to know from you moms and grandmas out there (and dads and grandads if you're reading), what are your favorite things to feed little ones? I need ideas! Thanks.

Have a good one! Kelly

photos by Adrian

p.s. Don't you just love that vintage white high chair he's sitting in? Do you think they would have noticed if I had strapped it to the top of the car? :)


Jordan said...

Here's my disclaimer: I'm a bad mom and probably fed my children all kinds of things that are choking hazards and/or allergy alerts. :) But you did ask for suggestions so here are some of mine:

green beans from a can (I'd put a few of these on their tray while I was cooking dinner and it kept them busy and un-fussy while I worked.)

rinsed, canned black beans

mashed potatoes (Phoebe's favorite!)

I used my emulsion blender to make my own "baby food" from whatever we were eating for dinner. I just added low-sodium chicken broth or formula if it needed more liquid to make it smoother. I blended up enough to have leftovers for the next day, too. (I did this because my children didn't like baby food and I'm too lazy to spend an entire day boiling and blending up "real" baby food.)

When they were both a little older (18 months or so) and had more teeth, I'd give them a whole apple when I was shopping at the mall. It would keep them content for quite a while...even if they did end up a mess!

Hope it helps! :)

Mindy S. said...

Sweet potatoes (make sweet potato fries--just toss them in olive oil and roast), blueberries, butternut squash, oatmeal, yogurt (we like Yo Baby by Stoneyfield or Yo kids is thicker if he will be feeding himself), any vegetable can be roasted or steamed; any fruits--don't forget pears, melons, berries, applesauce, avocado, cheese, raw carrots (get the shredded carrot sticks or straws in bags). We used to get some ravioli in the organic section that had a Sesame Street character on it. They were just cheese ravioli with no sauce and the girls loved them. But any of the refridgerated filled pastas would work (ravioli, tortollini, etc.). Amy used to like pizza bites when she was over a year old. That was just my quick junky lunch treat every once in a while though. Cut up grape or cherry tomatoes (acidic so watch for diaper rash).
Any frozen vegetable can be easily heated up in small portions if you are having something that you don't want to give him for supper (I have even known a child who would eat peas and corn still frozen). That is all of my ideas for now--and I have reminded myself of a few things that I had forgotten feeding the bigger girls that I need to try with Katelyn. :-)

Anonymous said...

Chopped avocado, shreaded cheese (they loved the challenge! of getting every piece!), Cheerios, rice, just about every kind of fruit, oatmeal...made with a little less water/milk so it would stick to the spoon or so they could pick it up, applesauce, tofu cubes (with something that actually has taste on the tray at the same time)...some babies really go for the texture of tofu, peas, and really most other veggies chopped in bite-sized pieces, thin, hard breadsticks...our babies liked the kind like they have/had at Cafe Express, scrambled eggs left in "grabable"-sized pieces

Happy eating!

Karen said...

These photos are the BEST! Love that little guy!