Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colorado Springs Streets - A-Z {Academy} part three

I really will finish Academy at some point and move onto a "B" street. I guess it is going to take me a LONG time to get through the alphabet at this rate.

So here is part three of Academy and I am hoping to finish up the street in one more jaunt/post. We'll see.

This section of Academy is in the Vickers/Dublin vicinity.

(I still remember learning the word vicinity from reading a Nancy Drew book. Do you have any memories like that?)

First up, Erindale Square:

It says "Church of Christ" on the sign but I haven't really been able to figure out one that meets there. hmm . . .

Also, it's fun to me to see the headquarters of so many different ministries as I drive around town. I used to hear "Walk the Talk" on the radio in Dallas for years and lo and behold, here they are.

We haven't yet tried out this Mexican place. There is definitely and understandably I guess, a lack of "Tex Mex" here. So far I haven't really been to a Mexican restaurant that I would call my favorite. Anyone been to this place? Do you like it?

Pikes Perk Coffee

get it?

Pikes Perk, like Pikes Peak but perk for coffee?

I've been to this location once with some ladies from one of the churches we've been visiting. They have an exersaucer and some other toys and things which is kind of nice if you don't mind your child using toys a billion other kids have used. I did it although I did use the ubiquitous baby wipe on it first.

Adrian and I have been to the location downtown. We really liked it. Good coffee drinks.

I don't eat at Chili's super often but it is great for a just knowing what you're going to get kind of experience. I like their sliders, nachos, chips and salsa with ranch and cajun chicken pasta.

What is your favorite thing at Chili's?

We've been to this Chili's a couple different times after church both with my parents and my brother & sister-in-law and nephews. I have to say, they've been very good to us, especially since one of those times we ended up with a sick baby after we'd ordered but before our food came and they boxed everything up for us to take. Thank you, Chili's.

I haven't yet been to this coffee shop. Any of you? Opinions?

My Gym, I don't know much about it but I wonder if one day in the not too distant future we'll be attending birthday parties here like The Little Gym in Texas. It says "Children's Fitness Center". I do dearly hope that it is for fun fitness not pressuring young children into being the world's greatest athletes type of place. Okay, stepping off my soapbox.

Okay, I'm always up for browsing Tuesday Morning and the Consignment of Collectibles could be fun, but Vacuums and Dragons???? What in the world does that even mean?

I have no idea.

Okay, now for a few updates on places north of here on Academy that I've covered before.

I did go to the Old Navy and Carter's on Academy and the Old Navy is definitely different than some I've been to before. Maybe they are revamping all of them and this is the new layout?

The dressing rooms were in the middle which I liked because for some reason I often have a hard time finding the dressing rooms there. They also had cool carts that a certain young man enjoyed riding in better than most. The clothes were pretty tightly packed together which made it a little tricky to steer around but there was lots of stuff to see and lots of clearance which is always nice. I bought a fun pair of pants, cardigan and striped tank that will all be great for fall.

Next I went over to Carter's and found some super cute jammies on clearance. I also found out that Wednesday is grandparent discount day so you can bet I'll be trying to talk my mom into going shopping with me on a Wednesday next time I want to go to Carter's. Not that I think it will take much convincing.

I also made it to Gatherings. It was a little more "primitive style" overall than I was expecting but they had some neat cards and lots of stamped silverware that was fun. I got a butter knife that says, "spread love".

The Good Times on Academy closed but I went to another location and treated myself to a sundae one day when my great brother-in-law took David on a hike so I could run errands by myself. It was pretty good but I don't know if I'll be tempted back or not.

So, there you have it, a little more of Academy and hopefully we can move on to streets starting with other letters soon.



Karen said...

In our constant quest for good Tex-Mex in CS, someone told me that if you want consistently good chips and salsa, go to Chili's. Love reading your travelogue and seeing all the places I should visit.

Anonymous said...

Here from Jack anf the Kumquat... welcome to COS! I love that Old Navy! I was just there today. :-) My favorite thing is the gigantic bouncy-ball machine in the middle of the store. :-)