Monday, August 29, 2011

a first!

Adrian loves to bike and was excited for David to be able to join in on the fun.

One Saturday morning a few weeks ago he set out to try to get a bike trailer he'd seen on craigslist. It had already sold but the first garage sale he ran across after that had this wonderful kids' bike seat for only $10! Yippee!

He also got the adorable fish helmet for him that I just love.

As you can see, David loves being on the bike with his Daddy.

A couple weeks later we were very excited and thankful to find a steal of a deal on a tandem bicycle off of craigslist so we now get to ride as a whole family on our bicycle built for three!



Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

LOVE the helmet! Sissy loves to go bike riding too; now that the boys are back in school we often go for a ride right after they leave for the day. So much fun.

Amy L said...

Precious - he looks so excited!

Karen said...

What an adorable smile! You can tell both Daddy and son are having fun!

Melissa Jackson said...

I love that first picture of David. You have lots of great ones, but that is one of my favorites from your blog. So cute!

Sarah B said...

I want to see a picture of you all on the tandem bike! :) That is a great pic of your little boy.

Aunt Mandy said...

Cute boy!