Thursday, August 18, 2011

last day in Chicago

We spent five days in Chicago. We went because Adrian's Granny & cousin who live in England as well as his dad were going to be in town and we wanted to meet up with all of them for a visit. It was wonderful to get to spend time together. They left on Sunday and we stayed two extra days even though it meant Adrian had to work during the day, telecommuting from cafes and coffee shops with free wifi.

We had an amazing breakfast on our last day in Chicago. We went to a place called Orange that I've been wanting to try out for about six years now, since my very first visit to Chicago with my mom, aunt and our friend, Sheryl.

It was really yummy! I had the pancake flight. I think the pancakes change weekly and all four stacks are centered around a theme. This one was August fruits. Yum!

Adrian had steak and eggs benedict on brioche toast. It was really yummy as well.

Sweet David had sweet potato fries & cheerios. It turned out to be harder than I expected to feed him with his dairy allergy while eating out the whole trip. I was SUPER impressed with E,leaven though! I stopped in to buy my first ever French macaroons and asked if she would mind filling up David's cup with soy milk for me. Everywhere else I had made this request I had paid a pretty hefty price for a cup of soy milk but what are you going to do without a refrigerator? I reached for my wallet and she told me that it was okay, I didn't owe her anything. Wow! Thank you, E,leaven!

After breakfast, Adrian got to work and David and I walked to Navy Pier to go to the Children's Museum! We had such a good time.

Enjoy the pics.

horse made of "stuff"

love this photo of my walking explorer

cool sound tubes

different perspective

It's the simple things. He loved the stairs.

They had an awesome play space that gave me lots of ideas for early childhood type stuff. I feel like I "know" elementary age having taught that age for so long but this early childhood stuff is new to me. There was a really nice girl who worked there and had a great chat.

lots of sounds, textures, moving things

In another area of the museum there was a "garden". The ground was made of brown corduroy covered bolster type things so that there were "rows" that the kids really could "plant" the crops down in.

neat ball ramp!

down they come

kid sized entrance into the museum of miniatures

waiting for our train to take the El back to the airport

The balloon was well worth the $1.99 price tag at a grocery store off Michigan Avenue the day before. David got to enjoy one of his favorite things in all the world while Mama got to enjoy a little shopping time pushing the stroller with the balloon attached.

Have you been to any children's museums?

Which ones should we add to our list to visit in the future?


first and last photos by Adrian, all other photos by Mama


Dave and Judy said...

The food looks super. GLad you had an enjoyable trip/visit. The dairy allergy can be a bit difficult. Our g'daughter is allergic also. Love David's red hair.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! The museum looks so fun! My kids would enjoy it! We could recommend the Children's Museum in Fort Worth and could provide some company too. :)

Mindy S. said...

The Children's Museum in Houston is fun. And we discovered this summer that there are a lot of fun things in Oklahoma City including a nice Children's museum (although that one doesn't have as much for the young ones).
when Amy was about David's age we got her mylar balloons for her birthday. They ended up lasting over a month. They were the best birthday present she got. She played with them for the whole month.
I love David's face looking at the El. :-)

Karen said...

We need to go to the Children's Museum in Denver. Love the photos.

Kim said...

My favorite part of this post was the outfit David had on. My boys lived in those one piece outfits. I think they are perfect for guys his age - so handsome! Love you!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What IS it with kids and balloons? And seriously...those pancake stacks! Looks heavenly!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

His hair is getting thicker and looking more red. I think we have two little peas that came from the same pod!