Monday, May 14, 2012

day two - transportation and second city

We took Amtrak between San Francisco and our second city to visit, Portland, Oregon.  

It was A LOT of fun!  

We got to see some gorgeous scenery and meet some nice people.  

The couple we sat across from at breakfast live in Oregon and were able to tell us about the "Root Beer Falls" as we went by.  Sure enough, they were brown and foamy.  Apparently some mineral causes it to be that way but it looked exactly like root beer and made you want to sing "Big Rock Candy Mountain" or something. 

Also, sleeping on a train is fantastic!  I love that rocking motion and it was great to get good rest on the train.

My sweet shutterbug husband

We pulled into Union Station in Portland and were blessed with such wonderfully sunny and warm weather while we were there for a place that we half expected to be rainy.   

finding our swanky hotel that we got using airline points - we like a good deal

(they even gave me slippers)


                                     Ready to hit the town!

Crafty Wonderland was really fun, like etsy in person

What's a trip to Portland without hitting Powell's Books?

I really liked it and could have spent more time there for sure. 

That night we met up with a high school friend of Adrian's and her husband for dinner at Ristorante Roma.  It was good and after trying all of the dishes at the table, I would say get the fettuccine bolognese.  It was the best.

Have you ever been to Portland?  

What do you like to do there?  

p.s. Mindy gets points for guessing correctly on Portland!  



Kelli said...

Girl, you are making me want to see Portland, but even more than that, you are making me miss TRAVELING! We haven't been anywhere in the last year or so, and I really miss it. Have y'all traveled a lot with David? Would you recommend it? We've only done mandatory family traveling so far, but seeing this pictures makes me think Parker Ann could use some adventure in her life! :)

Kori said...

Amtrak is what I want to try. You are the only person I know who has ever done Amtrak! I don't think they come through near me otherwise I am guessing SOMEONE would have ridden. :-) At one point there was talk that they would be routing directly across the train track I cross DAILY but it fell through somehow.
I have been to Portland for a funeral. But would love to see it a different time. At that point - August - I went from 100+ Arkansas heat to borrowing my aunt's sweatshirt the entire time we were there - it was wet and cold and very Scotland like weather! We went to some park in Portland that had a waterfall and climbed behind it and we climbed a mountain -maybe Multnomah? Maybe Mindy remembers. Lots of lush waterfalls along the trails and very barren at the top. :-)

BR said...

Fun!!! Thanks for posting! Loved the chair in your hotel and want to go to crafty wonderland!! You rock!

Deborah said...

I love that you went to "Crafty Wonderland!" That is soooo you!

I, too, have always wondered about travelling via train. How do you think it would be with four boys? ;)

Karen said...

What a fancy, fancy hotel.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

So fun to read about your trip! I am dying to visit the Pacific Northwest... never been there.

What a lovely getaway! I hope you both came home refreshed.

Edmund said...

So I'm late to the game, but in the photo of the phtoo entryway/thing... the blue/chocolate combination is almost exactly the color scheme we are painting our apartment :)