Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what I wore Wednesday

One of the very first blogs I ever discovered was Charming the Birds from the Trees.  

I was actually looking for some bird clip art for a project for my classroom and stumbled upon her blog.  

I guess she's the one who actually got me hooked on reading blogs and then considering writing my own.

She used to do posts called What I Wore Wednesday and I thought they were a lot of fun.  This is coming from a girl who used to write down her outfits in her younger days.  

The Pleated Poppy also does a weekly link up called What I Wore Wednesdays.  I am linking up there today.

A while ago I saw this polyvore board on pinterest and it just grabbed my attention for some reason so I decided to try out my version yesterday.

jeans rolled up into capris (hand me downs but I think they're from the limited)
a gray shirt from ross

silver and coral accents

coral colored nails are perfect for reading the itsy bitsy spider!

shoes from Target
toe ring from Sam Moon

this is a totally cheesy shot but let's just go with it, okay?
I don't claim to be a fashion blogger.  

bracelets:  James Avery a sweet gift from friends at an important time in my life
rhinestones handed down from my great-grandma
crystal beads a gift from the high school student who helped in my classroom one year 

Necklaces:  glass beads from a street vendor in Venice during my study abroad in college
choker with beads majorly on sale at White House Black Market many years ago

Do you ever pair silver/gray and coral?

What is your favorite thing to wear these days?  



Mindy S. said...

This post completely made me laugh and remember the days when you would amaze us all because you remembered events according to what you had worn. Love it! And love the outfit.

Karen Gibson said...

Let's test her Mindy. What were you wearing on October 17, 2000?

Julie P. said...

You look beautiful! The roses are pretty too. Lately I am into coral too, but I don't own much of it. I really want to get a coral "statement" necklace to add to my collection.