Tuesday, October 2, 2012

day four part one

I'm finally writing another Europe post!  

We left off having just arrived in Brussels, Belgium, late at night tired and ready for a good night's sleep.

We got it and were ready for a new day.  

Sweet boy ready for the drizzle it looked like we might encounter (but thankfully didn't really), clutching the guidebook from the hotel lobby that he proclaimed "his".

climbing on more cubes, this time, outside the hotel

We walked through an antiques market and oh how I wished I could take some furniture home with me!  The pitfalls for traveling by plane . . . 

This man in his apron was carrying plentiful loaves of bread in his arms.  Such a fun sight to see.

We found a spot for some breakfast/lunch and one small boy was quite happy with his fruit!

isn't that beautiful?

After breakfast we were off again.  Adrian and I were interested in seeing different things and David was interested in playing with his cars and walking circles around trees or lampposts every ten feet or so.  It made for a pretty long trek.

At least there were fun things to look at along the way.

Why go to Belgium if you're not going to eat waffles, right?

We were so happy to find some dairy free waffles at a convenience store of all places so David could share in the fun too.

These were the wonderful Liege style waffles, yeast raised with pearl sugar caramelized throughout the dough.  Yum!  I'm getting so hungry just writing this!

day four to be continued . . . 



JSH said...

I was just telling a friend that I loved gray days because they reminded me of Belgium. Oh and the waffles....I can smell them now! We do our best to recreate them by dumping a BUNCH of the chunky sugar (I forget what it's really called) in the batter. Thanks for bringing back a good memory!

Karen said...

I think you need to try to recreate the waffles.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Thanks for the memories--I love my Brussels days!

emily said...

oh! That sweet little face!!!