Tuesday, October 16, 2012

updated ten on ten

covers from taking a nap as soon as I got home from preschool drop off

Unfortunately I am not sleeping the greatest so far this pregnancy.  I wake up in the middle of the night a lot and have a hard time falling back to sleep.

My friend Sarah's wonderful pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe held up with washi tape in my kitchen.  I love these and I love washi tape!  

I have become a huge price per ounce shopper lately.  Is the store brand the better deal or something on sale or something with a coupon?  Kroger pumpkin won out and I like the packaging too.

Orange pumpkin and orange spatulas that were a wedding gift.  

The leaves around here this year are just gorgeous!  I love driving around town and seeing them all.

apple print painting made at preschool

I am so thankful my sweet boy is getting to have these types of experiences with other kids.  He is LOVING preschool and doesn't like to leave.  We just go once a week and it is perfect for us right now.  

Cookies ready to go into the oven.  

They turned out GREAT despite me remembering to make any changes for altitude.  

brewing tea for dinner with our neighbors

We got a new "fancy" thermostat to help save money on utilities.  I like the name.  You know the marketers were playing to the women with that one.  

So far these first two weeks of preschool, this little guy has NOT napped despite the fact that I think he really is tired.  My friend said that maybe he's just so stimulated that he's not ready to fall asleep.  

Any advice there?  Have your kids done something similar?

Well, not napping does not really produce a cheerful boy and late afternoons are ROUGH.  Particularly since we were in "getting ready for company" mode.  He got these sprinkles out of the baking drawer which he knows he's not supposed to do and then they spilled out all over the kitchen floor and he started eating them off the (not so clean) floor.  

I chose just to avert my eyes and pretend I didn't see it.  I didn't see what good one more time out was going to do for us that afternoon and he was happy and quiet for about 20 minutes eating those things off the floor.  Sometimes in choosing your battles you just choose peace I think.  

bowls stacked up for big people and little people

all ready for chili that I just *may* have gotten a bit over zealous with the cayenne in but I LOVED it.  

place setting ready to go (and pushed far back from the edge of the table till we were actually ready to sit down since that's the season of life we're in)

So there you have it, words and pictures from our October 10, 2012.



Jenni said...

Glad to know what the "knob" photo was! And yes, I say choose your battles. You can fight that one again another day.

JSH said...

I love the sprinkles story! If it works for both...it works! We are finding the "full brain" effect with Lyn. Sometimes at night she'll run through all her favorite signs and words trying to stay awake. What an exciting time in the learning process. Imagine all that information finding its own little parking space in his brain. Reigning it in?....Ha! Not a clue!

BR said...

Oh! Kelly! And JSH! I loved thinking about Lyn saying all her words as she falls asleep! I liked thinking about David eating all those sprinkles. He probably picked them up with his little pincer grip but I preferred to imagine him licking them up directly off the floor kind of like the story in the Bible about Gideon's army

Heather said...

Last year at preschool, Emily (3 at the time) never napped during naptime. Yes, it made for a tough afternoon, but it also made for easy bedtimes. There was always too much going on at school for her to relax enough. I just made it through those days and moved on.

Kori said...

Well, YOU don't have much room for not allowing him to eat sprinkles. Especially if they're red. :-)At least the floor dirt is your own - not like at the store or a restaurant!
I would try to have a naptime routine to calm him a bit. Maybe rock and read a book or play some soothing music while you play for a few minutes. He just needs a new routine set. But I'm way into napping. My third child is just now giving up naps and he turns 6 in 2 weeks - and I still have him nap every other day. I'm a big believer in sleep! :-)If it still doesn't work, then just settle him in his bed with some quiet toys and go take your own nap. ;-)