Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my first visit to the state I now live in

I didn't grow up coming to Colorado.  

We weren't a skiing family and our family vacations usually were to visit our family in California or to San Antonio.  

I didn't go on wilderness trek in high school although my brother did.

The very first time I made it to Colorado was October of 2006 to visit my friend Emily.  

This picture was taken at Garden of the Gods on a rainy day as we made a quick trip into Colorado Springs for me to meet up with a college friend.  

Among other things, we wanted to talk about our experiences on eharmony since we had both joined.  Little did I know that just a couple weeks after this trip that I would get matched with Adrian on eharmony (on this exact date actually) and that here, six years later we would be married and have moved to Colorado!  

Crazy!  Oh yeah, and have one child and another on the way.

You just never know how God is going to work do you?

I wonder what He has planned next for me and for you?

It will be exciting to see.

So, what about you, have you ever been to Colorado?



Jenni said...

happy match day....so thankful that eharmony was a success for you as I watch you and Adrian build a family!

Kelli said...

That is so neat! It is amazing to see God's hand in all of it.

I love Colorado - it is so beautiful! Being surrounded by such amazing nature makes me feel closer to God. Also, Aspen trees are just about the friendliest things I've ever seen. Love them!

My family is a "go to the mountains and fish for every vacation" type of family, and Joe Dan really likes to ski, so I've been to CO a lot, and loved it every time. :) I can highly recommend Lake City for a charming, beautiful vacation town, and I really like the Wolf Creek ski resort. Crested Butte is good, too. You are making me miss Colorado!

BR said...

right on! "Match Day!" What a super fun concept! Dr. Neil Clark Warren would be pleased, I'm sure! Cliff just recalled one of the eHarmony radio ads we used to hear and we both agreed that we must have heard several of them to remember his name since we've only had 1 radio station for the past 8 years and its public radio so I'm not sure they have ads! thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Isn't our God amazing?