Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my boy

pjs and tennis shoes with no socks - gotta love it!



Anonymous said...

Hello! Still checking . . . David is soooo cute. Getting closer to April 18!!! Send me your email and I will forward pics of Violet. or, go to Kristin Porter on Facebook. We changed computers and I cannot find your email or address. Violet's little brother was born Oct 18. He was in NICU for 108 days. He now weighs over 9 lbs.

I was looking at your site Sunday and a friend was here, Hilary Spencer! You were her teacher at Cottonwood. Svhe really liked you as a teacher.
Get some rest!


Kelli said...

Okay, enough teasing. It's time to have that baby already!!! I'm too excited!

Also, D is really cute. He is going to be the sweetest big brother ever. :)

Karen said...

He looks so big.