Thursday, June 13, 2013

Colorado Springs wildfires - please pray

Thank you so much to those of you who have heard about the current wildfire in Colorado Springs and have checked in on us to see if we're okay.  We are quite far from where the fire is but my extended family here in town is either in the voluntary evacuation zone or close to it.  

We have one family from our church family who has lost their home in the fire already.

It is crazy how these wildfires just spring up and suddenly you're monitoring air quality conditions, changing plans, trying to help those effected, etc.

Please pray for our city as stress levels are very high.  Please pray for the firefighters and all of the first responders who are working round the clock to save everything they can.  Please pray for rain and most of all that the love of God will be shown to people all throughout this hard, hard time.  

Thank you so much!  


photo taken in North Colorado Springs somewhat near where the present fire is on my birthday 2009

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BR said...

goodness! thank you for posting. I'm sure this is quite unsettling. We will be praying for the Colorado Springs community.