Monday, June 3, 2013

happy two months, Cora!

Happy Two Months Old to you, Cora Girl! 

You are such an easy and lovable baby.  

I am enjoying being your Mama so much.  

Cousin Caleb loves to hold you!

We went to Nana's this day to drop Big Brother off to play with the cousins and you and I went to some garage sales and ran some errands.  It was your first day to wear an "outfit" and we coordinated with our grey and yellow.  That was a fun "mother/daughter" thing to do.  

I really enjoy wrapping you up snugly in a nice soft blanket and rocking you to sleep for your naps.  

It is a joy that I am indulging myself in especially since "they" say it is impossible to spoil a baby this early.  :)  

Our friend, Mrs. Rena, from our church in Dallas made this blanket for you.  Your brother calls it your "colorful blanket" and he has a colorful blanket that Mrs. Rena made too.  They are so soft and really special to me.  

On this night we were wishing we had some Bluebell Ice Cream after dinner and we knew Nana and Ducca had a freezer full of about four different kinds from a gathering the night before so we just spontaneously called to see if we could come over for ice cream.  We had a good time and you and Daddy took a little snooze together while we were there.  

You really like to nap with Daddy and I think he likes it too.

You've had a lot of baby acne this month but thankfully you're outgrowing it now!  Hooray!

When you can't sleep with Daddy, you tend to take some good naps in the swing or the bouncy chair but you're also starting to nap well in your crib!  Good girl!!

I waited a little too late to put you back in this outfit as you had pretty much outgrown it by this point but I wanted to put it back on you since this is the outfit you came home from the hospital in and I didn't have a really good picture of it.  It is the same outfit that I came home from the hospital in nearly 37 years ago.  It is special to me that Nana kept it and I got to use it.

Grandma taught us to hold you like this and you really seem to like it especially in the evenings. 

At the beginning of the month it was really hard to get you down for the night although you were already starting to sleep some 5-7 hour stretches.  Now you go down a bit easier but how long you sleep at any given stretch is still unpredictable.  

We had another playdate with your sweet little friend this month and you guys were holding hands and sharing sweet smiles.  She also let us play dress up at her house and borrow an outfit for our church's baby blessing.  

You also went to your first estate sale with Mama and David this month.  You rode around in the Ergo carrier.

The Saturday of Mother's Day weekend our church hosted a Mother/Daughter Tea and we had a good time going and sitting at Nana's table.  You wore a beautiful light pink dress and the pearls that Nana gave you.  

Your Nana is very proud of you and enjoys holding you any chance she gets.  

A picture of all of us in our pearls

You and I came home and crashed after this while the boys were out.  A tea party can wear girls out!  

The next day was Mother's Day and Baby Dedication day at church.  There were twelve babies dedicated that day and it is wonderful knowing you are going to have some sweet friends to grow up with.

Your brother loves you so, so very much and likes to touch you and kiss you and hold you all the time. He says hi to you and calls you cute girl and all sorts of sweet endearments.  He sings Jesus Loves Me to you in the car when you're sad. 

We went to dinner at Ms. Donna's house and you got to meet all our fun neighbor friends.  They love you already.

Your brother likes to hold you every chance he gets.  

Daddy does too.  :) 

I love this little dress that is a hand me down from Dallas friends.  You've already outgrown it though along with all of your other newborn sized clothes! 

We celebrated Mother's Day at Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Mandy's house and Annma got to hold you.

Then you got to go to Secret Sisters with Nana and I.  It was a garden party theme and you wore your flower dress.  

That week Nana and Ducca's house was being painted so Nana came over and spent three days with us  holding you and reading to you and David (Big Brother picked out this book, Are You My Mother? as the book he thought you'd like to read) and helping us with things around the house.  Mama was very thankful!  

You look really pretty in purple!  

You are starting to enjoy your baths a lot!  

We have a little family tradition of going to a plant sale each year and this year was your first time to go with us!  You loved being outside and were so content!

We took a family date in the middle of the afternoon to Hacienda Colorado and the weather was beautiful so we got to sit out on the patio.  You were as content as could be in your carrier.  I think you enjoy being outside just like your brother did at your age.  

Last week we did a really big thing.  You took your first trip!  Daddy had to be away for a conference so you and David and Nana and I flew to Houston so all of our family there could meet you!

Your first airplane ride!

Giving Nana smiles on the plane

You traveled like a pro.  You were easy as pie.

Everybody enjoyed holding you and you barely got put down the whole time we were there.  

Sharing smiles with Sweetie

You also made out like a bandit in the clothes department.  People like to buy little gir clothes.  :)  Such nice gifts!

On Friday morning several of our friends came over to meet you!  Mrs. Barbie used to hold me when I was a little girl your size. 

"hmmm . . . I think I like my Sweetie"

I know she likes you!

Sweetie rocked you and rocked you and sang to you while we were there.

These pictures are special for a couple of reasons.  The outfit you are wearing is one that I wanted to buy when I was expecting your brother.  We didn't know if he was a boy or a girl until he was born so I didn't buy it.  After he was born I still liked it so much that I thought about buying it to save in case I had a little girl one day but I talked myself out of it since I wouldn't know what size was right.  

One of our friends at church gave me a bag of hand me downs before you were born and this outfit was in the bag, new with tags (it hadn't been the right size at the right season for their little girl). God takes care of us and shows His love in big and small ways!

The quilt you are lying on is very, very special because it is made from your Poppy's shirts.  I wish you would have gotten to meet him but who knows maybe he held you first in Heaven.

Mama loves you sweet daughter!

I like to dress you in some of the dresses that Nana saved from when I was a little girl.  This one I also used to dress my dolls in when I was bigger.  

The blanket you are lying on is a beautiful handmade gift from another one of our wonderful friends from our church in Dallas, Mrs. Carol.  It truly touches our hearts that people continue to love us from afar.  

All wrapped up and ready for another nap

Your first shoes and a hand me down from our friend Ruby!

And finally we did a little photo shoot with you and your brother the other day.  Such fun!

I love the two of you so very much and am happy to be your Mama!  


Dina said...

I can't believe it's been 2 months already! Cora is beautiful. I really love the story about the outfit that you wanted and then received. That is so fun. God is really sweet!

Kelli said...

She is absolutely precious, Kelly! What a beautiful blessing! I can tell she is fitting right in with your family, and is already loved so very much. It also seems like David has handled the transition remarkably well! Did y'all do anything specific to help with that? Have a great week!

BR said...

2 months?!?!! What?! This post was FANTASTIC! I loved reading every line. The photos were AMAZING especially the one with the yellow dress (sweet story!) and puppy's quilt, the first one with David at the photo shoot and of course the one with Ruby's dress! Tht dress was meant for you guys. Every time Ruby wore it I pretended it was a hand me down from you! Haha! Miss you! A wonderful recap for a wonderful family!

BR said...
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Deborah said...

Oh my goodness. Those babies are just adorable. I know you are treasuring each moment, and I love how you are so good at documenting with photos and journaling. David is so sweet with little Cora.

Donna Price said...

Thanks for sending me your message today so we will see if this works. Such a wonderful and sweet blog. I love all the photos but my favorite ones are of Cora in the sunflower outfit. I have always thought sunflowers were my gift from God.~donna

Karen said...

I can't believe I am just reading this post. Priceless.