Monday, June 10, 2013

ten on ten - June 2013

After a few months I did ten on ten again for real and used my big camera and everything!

We've enjoyed a really low key day at home.

This is pretty much my favorite way to spend a day lately.  
Cora gets her naps, David plays creatively and I get to hang out with them, rock Cora for her naps and get a few things done.

my little "fireman" watching Letter Factory

bathrooms need cleaning - getting ready for company this week

sweet baby girl napping in her carrier all snuggly 

getting ready for Father's Day

I can get dressed by myself (even if I do often put my clothes on backwards and my shoes on the wrong feet)

first day to "play" with Sophie, actually Big Brother did a really great job entertaining her for a while with the giraffe (it's his favorite animal)

Mama has some homemade pizza from the freezer for lunch

back to that bathroom cleaning business

hanging out, kind of at loose ends after lots of play, maybe ready for a nap?  (and yep that shirt's on backwards and no the mirror has not been cleaned)

This one's ready for a nap!  

just hanging out with Mama, tummy full of milk

menu planning 

first ride in the trailer!!

frantically trying to finish photo books before my living social deal expires!

What did you do today? 


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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hi Kelly,
Do you have a digital copy of that Fathers Day survey? The kids are staying with me for a few days this week and I'd love to have Jordan fill it out for her daddy.


The kids photos are adorable!

Karen said...

Welcome back to 10 on 10. Great photos.

Shelley McGrew said...

Fun! Love the bubbie in the fire hat. Thanks for sharing.

Jenni said...

great to have days at home.....