Saturday, December 7, 2013

happy 8 months, Cora!

sweet hand me down overalls from a friend!

He BEGGED to have a sleepover with her.  We compromised with a short snuggle before bed.  I told him that she still had to sleep in a crib because she might fall out and he said, "I'll hold onto her!"

Cora, you want to touch (and eat) all the books we're reading.  

You are so good at sitting up and you really enjoy exploring and playing.  

If you're on a hard floor you can scoot backwards while you're sitting.  This morning you managed to scoot yourself right under your crib and you really weren't sure what to think of that!  :)  

You look so pretty and Christmas-y in your red coat from Aunt Kim!

Your first Thanksgiving!!  You had turkey and dairy free mashed potatoes and lamb.  Yum! 

I love that our friends love you too!  

You got TONS of attention from your Grandma and Grandad, aunts, uncles and many cousins! 

You went on your first trip on the incline in Pittsburgh.  

fun new outfit from Mrs. Debi!

getting your very first Christmas tree!

decked out in your Steelers gear (even though you were sleeping with Daddy instead of watching the game) 

You do love your Mama and I love you!  We are glad you are turning out to be somewhat of a snuggle bug.  

You really love to "play trains" with brother or use pieces of track as teethers.  

Cutie overall girl!  Daddy and I both thought you looked adorable but people did keep calling you "he" all day.  :(  

You took your first trip to Pittsburgh this month for Thanksgiving!!

fun times with Grandma

and laughing with Aunt Sarah!

You have got the cutest laugh going on both your out loud laugh and your sucking air through your nose and teeth laugh.  Your brother can imitate it really well.

playing piano with Grandad

I LOVE how much you two love each other!  It never fails to warm my  heart!!

another airplane ride!  You are a good traveler.  

Cutie pie!  

hanging out with Daddy in your strawberry pjs

precious girly!

wearing a shirt that brother wore

You love "Hedgie"

Brother begged for you to get to play in his flour sensory bin with him so I let you for a little bit.  You two had a blast (and made a huge mess!)

Happy Eight Months Sweet Girl.  We all love you so very much!! 



Karen Gibson said...

Oh, my, how this first 8 months has flown. I cannot wait to experience the next 8. I love all the pictures, but the one in the flour sensory bin and the ones with the hedgehog are priceless. Love that girly girl.

Kelli said...

Oh Kelly! She is so PRECIOUS! What a beautiful, happy baby girl! I know y'all are just eating her UP! So sweet!