Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ten on ten - December 2013 {smiles}

I decided to go with a theme today for ten on ten and capture smiles throughout my day.  

Sweet funny boy when the day is brand new

"Thank you for coming to get me out of my crib, Mama!"

excited about chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast

Sweet smile Aunt Mandy captured on our girls' date to Starbucks while the boys were in preschool/school



someone was super excited to see her brother and gave him a HUGE grin after he was gone most of the day to preschool and a playdate

this is a man excited to have lamb with mint sauce for dinner

(it was sooo yummy!)

Sweet friends from church who came over to share dinner with us!  Such a joy to share the evening with them.  

What did you do today?


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Sandy said...

Love catching up here Kelly! SOOOOO cute - your kiddos! xo

Sharon Wang said...

I adore the first picture with David's smile. And, hey, I recognize Cora's carseat ;)