Friday, January 3, 2014

Cora, happy nine months!! - part one

Google has been giving me fits lately with importing pictures out of order and then it's been tricky to get them in order so I decided to split this post into three parts for less headaches.  

This is one of my favorite ages.  You are so smiley and so much fun!  We love you very, very much sweet girl!  

We had one of these squeezy pouches one day that someone had given us so I gave it to you.  It was sooo messy!  It made me really glad that you feed yourself table foods instead of us using purees.  You didn't seem to particularly care for it either.  You were far more interested in the plastic packaging than the food.  You are typically more interested in trying to eat paper and plastic than food silly girl and we have to keep it all out of your reach.  

You are so close to crawling!!  

Wooden train tracks make the best teethers.  Brother is very good at being your protector and making sure that you don't get any of the tracks that have small plastic pieces.  

You really like to stick your tongue out to the side.  It is SUPER cute!  

Doll baby!  

You are so cheerful and babble and screech happily and laugh at us.  It is lots and lots of fun!  Right at the end of the month you started saying your first word, "Da da".  

There's that tongue again!  

Mrs. Carolyn at our church in Dallas makes these special beaded ornaments that have the month, day and year of your birthdate or anniversary represented with beads as well as that month's birthstone.  I was soo excited that she sent us one for you and it was so neat to be able to put yours and brother's birthday ornaments and Mama and Daddy's anniversary ornament all on the tree together this year.  

I love your concentration!  

Poor rosy cheeks from your diary allergy!

You did Truth in the Tinsel with Brother and I some days when you weren't napping during that time.  You did so good pat, pat patting your Bible and you were really enjoying chewing on this wise man.  

Nana gave you this soft fuzzy outfit before you were even born!

Besides pat pat patting you also started to clap this month and you are *really* good at "one finger".  You are a joy, Cora Elise!

You like to sleep on your tummy.  As soon as we lay you down you flip right over.  You really have gotten so much better at sleeping at night.  If you are not on antibiotics or we're traveling or there is some other sort of disruption you will sleep all night until the 5, 6 or 7 o'clock hour.  Mama is getting used to getting up early and I'm enjoying the time before everyone wakes up just nursing you on the couch in front of the Christmas tree lights and reading my advent devotional and then when you go back down having some time to myself before I am needed so much.  

You love, love love your Daddy (and are quite attached to your Mama).  

You and Daddy have been enjoying some snuggles and sweet naps together on the couch.

You are becoming more of a cuddle bug and we love it!  When you lay your head down on our shoulders it melts us.

 You like to sit in Nana and Ducca's laps during church.  You also really like class.  

You sometimes light up when you see your brother and you are sometimes, rightfully, wary.  :)  He loves you so much but often shows it by being a little too much in your personal space.  

As you gain more independent skills we are trying to emphasize that he is your protector and your friend and we are your parents.  :)  


Karen Gibson said...

I could just squeeze her to death. That smile, that tongue, that fuzzy hair, those screeches. Love, love, love you girly Q!!!

JSH said...

What great pictures! I can just hear her squealing. I'm with you on google creating fits with picture issues!

BR said...

what a great post on cora, nine months part one, sorry I guess i skipped this one originally! i'm so thankful she is cuddling in! ours seem to cuddle more and more as the days go by. is she still getting cuddle time now that her cast is on? I'm sure its tricky. love you!!