Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cora's nine month blogpost - part 3

opening her stocking at Nana and Ducca's

Nana and Ducca gave her a baby doll!  She lit up when she saw it for the first time and continues to do so, it is really cute and sweet.  

Good morning!

{Look at those dimpled hands}

The Saturday before she turned nine months old and before we had our well visit that Monday, Daddy put up this awesome baby gate for her.  Then we found out about her hip displasia and having to be in a cast for three months but we'll still be glad we have it.  

Steelers jammeroos from Mrs. Betty and Mr. Cliff

Cora got the shepherds for the Fisher Price nativity set.

opening presents

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Karen said...

Peeking out of the crib is my favorite photo. Love, love, love that smile.