Thursday, January 23, 2014

matchy matchy

I need to finish posting Cora's nine month blog posts before she's ten months!  

I couldn't resist sharing some of these photos that we took of the kids last Saturday though.  

At the Just Between Friends sale right after Cora was born, Mandy and I were shopping together and I had already picked out this blue gingham shirt for David and she spotted the matching blue gingham skirt for Cora!  

Last Saturday Adrian indulged me and we scouted around town for a good spot to stop and take some pics.  It really ended up being a lot of fun and I am excited to do it again sometime!  I decided that props are key with kids.  Hopefully next time we can go earlier in the morning or in the late afternoon when the lighting will be better but sometimes with kiddos you just have to seize the moment, right?

I think this was my best pic of the day.

running through the leaves!

He likes to growl at his sister (and most anyone really) these days.

Thankful for Colorado sunshine even in the winter and for my sweet kiddos and husband.  



Karen said...

These are amazingly wonderful. Love the matchy, matchy and love them.

Gina said...

Oh those are precious! I'm always on the hunt for matching and coordinating outfits for my littles...I shop the consignment sales here and it always feels like such an accomplishment when I can find that perfect "matchy" piece :)

BR said...

Yay for matchy!!!!! these outfits are oh so adorable! will work for july 4 also! ack! just precious! wonderful! love you!