Friday, January 24, 2014

Cora - nine months - part two

You got to ride in your big girl stroller for the first time!  You and Nana and I went to the thrift store together and I think you really enjoyed sitting up and looking around - maybe not nearly as much as you liked when Nana was holding you though.  

You and Brother play so well together or at least near each other.  :)  

your first stocking!!

We got breadsticks for you because that is a fun solid food for you to have at this stage, a ball like the one brother had when he was little that apparently disappeared somewhere along the way and new washcloths.  Seriously you get SO excited when we bring a rag to the table to clean you up!  You love to chew on the rags and try to suck all the water out!  

opening your first present from Ms. Donna

silly girl, the high chair straps aren't food but that doesn't stop them from being one of your favorite things to chew on at mealtimes

yea eating!!

You don't seem to like spicy foods much yet.  You will start to cry if you eat one.  I hope that changes as you grow since that is a lot of what we eat in our family.  :)  

So exciting to pat, pat, pat the big box of presents that came from Great-Grandma

I love that you are already "reading".  :)  

bestest smiler girl!  

I loved, loved your Christmas dress.  You look absolutely beautiful in it!

There's that cutie little tongue again!  

You don't really "take" a pacifier but you do enjoy chewing on them and talking away when you find one in your toy bucket.  These are some of Daddy's and my favorite jammies that you have.  

Brother picked out a "big girl cup" for you for Christmas  :)  


Karen Gibson said...

Cora girl is getting so big and that smile just melts my heart!!!

the Whitelaws said...

Back to blogging - yay! Love to read your blogs!

BR said...

Love the smiles!! So precious.