Wednesday, December 4, 2013

something a little different

my friend Betty gave us this teapot at our wedding and we used it in the decorations

I think it looks pretty cute dressed up for Christmas with non-traditional colors.

Do you use colors other than red and green in your Christmas decorating?  I'd love to hear about it or better yet see pictures.  



Dina said...

That is so cute!

Karen said...

Pretty. I am enjoying using a mix of turquoise to match my newly painted walls.

BR said...

Orange, yellow and pink?! You would!! Always pushing the color envelope! You are an inspiration once again! I'm doing silver and black chalkboard this year. Will certainly throw in some red! We are going to wait til Christmas Eve to out up our tree. I don't want to spend the whole month keeping the twins from demolishing it. Working on sewing Christmas stockings next! Ruby will have matroishka dolls in honor of our Russian heritage here in Sitka & Quinn gets Richard Scarry's Busytown!

BR said...

By the way, on the way home from your wedding the piece of luggage that had carried the orange teapot in it got lost on the way back from your wedding so I had to tell the airlines what was "in" the bag as well as what the bag looked like. Easy. I said "I bright orange teapot!" Because I remembered carrying it down to your wedding. When I got home (sans luggage) I started thinking about my statement and knew the teapot couldn't have been in the bag because I had already given it to you and I was baffled. I told cliff about it along with "but I'm just sure I remember packing the bright orange on the way home too." He could not believe I forgot that I was transporting a gun from my dad to my brother in a bright orange gun case instead of your teapot! Haha! It's all about the color!