Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wedding Wednesday

Are you on timehop?  

I wish I was but you can only sign up with facebook which I am not on.  So grr timehop.  Why not share the love with the rest of us?

But my sweet mama will send me photos from time to time like this one and it is so much fun to see blasts from the past.  

This reminds me that my journal that I write in a line a day each year is MISSING.  It is my non-visual version of timehop.  

Perhaps I should spend a little time today looking for it!



Jenni said...

you might look at signing up for TimeHop again....because it now shows for Instagram too.

BR said...

Time hop sounds neat.
You're neat!
I will find my line a day journal today if you find yours. Haven't used it in a few months and cliff just put a book rack up for me to hold it and a few other magazines yesterday! How was Tiny's birthday?

Sharon Wang said...

I noticed the stamp of "TimeHop" on the pic, but hadn't ever heard of it. I'm with you, so tired of FB taking over the world, seems like you need an account on there to do most anything online these days :(