Friday, January 4, 2008

Pantry Progress

It has been a good afternoon. I admit to getting sidetracked to take down my tree during the pantry project, but the good news is that my tree and ornaments are all put away and I even took the opportunity to declutter ornaments!

I started the pantry project by making piles, one of my favorite activities! :)

Here are the food items that I think would look nice in clear glass canisters that I will go to Target and look for tomorrow. I have gift cards!

Here are possible containers and shelving that I already have that I may be able to use in some way. I'll keep you posted.


Karen said...

Really neat picture of the shelving! I didn't recognize the tablecloth--is it new?

Deborah said...

I completed my pantry project on Thursday! It took six hours. Of course, that was intermixed with "Mommy I need a drink", laundry, and "I can't turn the water on", etc.

I too went to Target, albeit with out any gift cards, but it was a much-needed purchase for my sanity. I probably won't post mine on my blog, but if I think about it, I may just e-mail you pictures of my revamped space. My sister got me a label-maker for Christmas, which I've been wanting for a couple of years now. So, not only does each little food item and cake-decorating supply have it's own home now, it's also LABELED!

I remember those "piles"...;)