Sunday, January 6, 2008

progressive organization

The pantry project isn't quite done (I really didn't expect it to take THIS LONG). I'm making a run to Wal-mart to pick up a few more glass canisters and I may not get to the freezer in the immediate future, but I did want to post some pics of what I've got so far. I'm very excited about how it looks and the difference it makes in ease of use.

Okay, here's the before of the fridge:


With some close-ups:

The top shelf of my actual pantry:

(the salad dressing is "one of those things that doesn't belong" but it is the easiest quick access place for it in front of the other things that are not daily use and keeps it from getting lost somewhere else.)

Finally, my favorite!

Thanks for the comments y'all have been leaving!


Deborah said...

That's GREAT!! I love the labels. I just went back and looked at your previous post again and noticed that organizing sign on your table that says "food that looks good"--that cracked me up! I'll e-mail you my "project pantry" pictures soon. I must say, though, that only YOU could make organization look cute and vintage!

It was so WONDERFUL to talk to you a couple of nights ago, but it SURE DID make me miss you more!

Britney K said...

Hey Kelly! I love your project and could your house be any cuter! I was looking through your Christmas home tour photos and told Brad and Sarah that you are really talented doing this kind of stuff. I think you need to be working for a magazine or TV show or something. It's all amazing!

TJ said...

Wow labels! Great organization tips.

This is my first time here and I see Harding listed. I had several good friends attend Harding, during what appears to be the same time frame!

Karen said...

Oh to be that organized! Love the baking cannisters and of course the blocks.

TJ said...

I did find you through Like Merchant Ships.

My friends that went to Harding were/are: Brandon Procell, Trisha (can't remember last name), Steve Gambill (he passed away in 95/96), and also more recently Rod (who also passed away while there) and Adam McDonald. Can't remember the exact years they were there, although I think it was later 90's early 2000. I grew up with Rod and Adam, and the others did an internship at my church during the summer of 95.

I enjoy your blog! Great ideas.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how organized everything is.. that totally appeals to my "type A" personality. Now to find the time to do it at my house.... Maybe in a few years. LOL!

Casdok said...

Very impressive!

Deborah said...

Frozen rice?! Are you kidding me? You cracked me up when you said that was for people who "don't know how to boil." I'm still chuckling as I type...

Love you!

Oh yeah, my Bible Study got moved to Monday nights, so how are Monday nights (en route) for you?

Rachel said...

I loved your organization, very Martha Stewart.