Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pantry Project!

Can you tell I went back to work and didn't get back to blogging very quickly?
Here's the completed pantry project!
Three trips to Target, one to Hobby Lobby and one to Wal-mart later. :)
I'm very happy with how it's turned out and it has made using up stuff easier!

First, the shelves:

top shelf: baking supplies, flour, sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate chips and dark brown sugar

next shelf: specialty baking chips and sugar in the raw

next shelf: rice, polenta, peanuts, caramel corn, peppermint candies, red pepper flakes
front row: spicy pecans, sprinkles!, candied pecans

bottom shelf: dish towels and some decorative food items

Onto the actual pantry:

beverages, surplus paper towels/ziplocs, etc., salad dressing and . . .

seldom sought spices in a paint can that I recycled from a birthday gift Jenny gave me full of "Kelly's favorite things". From what I can remember from 2002 (!) there was a magazine, Junie B. Jones book and I'm not sure what else but I remember it was very fun! Thanks Jenny!

stuff to use at dinner time

snacking, breakfast and cans (which of course will mostly get used at
dinnertime but there wasn't room on that shelf)

baking supplies!


cool black take out box from Cuba Libre restaurant I went to
Friday night with friends from Bible study for Holly's birthday

Christmas gift of pumpkin bread from a student which has been
in the freezer but is ready to eat from breakfasts this week

ingredients to use for meals



AND! The freezer which no longer has things falling out of it upon opening the door . . . thanks to the new mini freezer in the garage that Adrian found on Craig's list! Yea!


Jenni said...

how fun! I'm laughing a little at all the labels, but only because I appreciate the effort!! :-)

elizabeth said...

What a great job, Kelly! I love organizing! You have such a cute blog.

Deborah said...

Look at you! Way to go, friend. I especially love that you had to buy a giant jar for red pepper flakes. Who has that many red pepper flakes? Only my Italian-food loving friend!!

Karen said...

I agree with Deborah--I was amazed that anyone would have that many pepper flakes. And I love the book cover....I don't know that one and I want to.

Susan in Elk Grove, CA said...

Nice job! Your labeling is a smart idea, as long as the fam pays attention, right? ;-)

By the way, what, exactly, was the student doing in the freezer? :-P

Pure and Sensible said...

Congratulations on winning Meredith's giveaway! Your pantry is amazing! Great job! Leinani

Elizabeth said...

I love the closet and the fridge! I have a sudden urge to re-organize.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Your blog has now been visited by two Elizabeths from Tennessee! When I saw the other Elizabeth from Tennessee's name, I thought I'd messed up and commented twice. LOL.

Anonymous said...

First time visit via Like Merchant Ships (you'll get a raft of visitors today, too.)

LOVE your organized space. I also have labels in my fridge:

Sweets (diabetic friendly)
Ready to Eat protein
Crunchy drawer
Leafy drawer

thanks for the inspiration,

deb meyers

Julieann said...

Hi there:) I followed the link over here from Elizabeth's blog---I am so glad I did. I love this post--you did a wonderful job on your pantry and fridge. It is so funny, because not knowing about this post before, I posted a picture of my messy pantry too..LOL. Anyway--You have a very nice blog.

Have a great weekend.


sunny said...

I so appreciate the labeling! And am in awe of your organizational skills. Time for me to step it up!

I'm new to your blog but so loving it!

Julie said...

WOW! I just found your blog through someone linking to this post. Im inspired. Im so going to get some glass jars this weekend. LOL. I have the wire free standing shelves that you have. DH and I bought them to use as a pantry in our first apartment. Now in my home I started using them for food again.
I have spent a lot of time this morning reading through some of your other posts.
Great blog!!

Anonymous said...

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