Sunday, January 13, 2008

Travel Tuesdays - Chicago (Buckingham Fountain and Millennium Park)

I love Chicago!  I have been three times and yet this was my very first time to go here.  

This is Buckingham Fountain.  Isn't it beautiful?  (And big??)  

I had wanted to go since my first visit but seeing as how my previous two visits had been in February and April when freezing temps are not at all out of the question in Chicago, the fountain was not on. 

On the third trip, last May, when Adrian and I went to visit his mom (who was in town visiting), granny (who was in town from England!) and his brother (who lives there) we got to go.  The spray was still cold but it was worth it to me to see it and experience this vast fountain.  I have a "thing" for fountains.  I have for a long time.  My high school friends and I used to go to the fountains in Houston (there are several different neat ones in the medical center/Rice Village area) for fun just to sit and look on in awe.  One of the fountains we called "the proposal fountain" because one of my friends wanted to be proposed to there and guess what!  After being tipped off by a helpful friend, her fiance did!  How cool is that??!!!

This is one of the coolest sculptures I've ever seen.  It is called Cloud Gate and is in Millennium Park in Chicago.  

Look how cool this is?  You can see your reflection in it and the reflection of the people around you and the city.  Very, very neat.  
One of the things that I really like about this sculpture (in addition to the fact that it makes it really easy to take pictures of yourselves without having to ask anyone else!) is that people really just enjoy it.  People let go of their jaded veneers and marvel and play and explore and show their delight and play!  I love that.  

Have you been to Chicago?  Have you been to either of these places?  

Do you have a favorite fountain somewhere?  

Have you seen any of the fountains in Houston?  What is your favorite?  

Do you have a favorite sculpture?  What/where is it?  

Where have you been where you have seen people let loose and just show their delight in something show?  

As always, if you have a post about one of these questions, leave a link!  Kelly

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