Monday, September 21, 2009

ready for fall?

Pulling out all of my reds, oranges and browns makes me feel more fallish.
This was my shelf display several years ago - old luggage, high school mum, letter jacket, dried leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, dishes, baskets, books, an interesting wooden architectural piece . . . we'll have to see what comes together this year. So fun to feather one's nest.

Do you decorate for fall? Do you have any pictures? I'd love to see them. Kelly


Jenni said...

so know that I'm not really a seasonal decorator, except for Christmas....which is probably one reason I love to see your decor ideas!!

BR said...

KEL-BEL!!??!?!?! You put that on your letter jacket!?!? Oh my WORD!! Do they come any cuter than YOU!? If someone out there in the wild world of sports tried to claim it were so, I would, indeed, have to differ.

Deborah said...

Betty, I would totally agree with that statement.

I love to decorate for fall, but my decorations are stashed in the far recesses of the rent-house garage.

Maybe next year...


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kelly, thanks for stopping by & chiming in on the letter verification. When I was on Blogger, I had some problems with spam, but not enough to make me turn on that pesky letter thing. So, I still have to stand by my opinion on this one. It's just not worth it to have my readers have to jump through hoops. You'll notice I said, if you are worried about spam, then turn on Moderate Comments & just go in and approve them all at one time or one at a time, whatever works best. At least your readers won't have to deal with the letters.

That's just my thoughts & I know everyone has their opinions. I just wouldn't subject people to having to do the letters, cause I hate it so much! With Wordpress, I now have a spam catcher, so I can just go in & delete them all & they never hit my blog. I'm going to add this comment to my comments too so everyone can see this response too.

Thanks for stopping by!