Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - tying the knot party

After we got engaged it was so much fun to tell everyone
and celebrate this wonderful time in our lives with our friends.

Our friends Erin and Adam (pictured below) and their two sweet kiddos threw us a "tying the knot" party! We were greeted at the door by all of these fun knots of rope.

And inside was a handmade and hand colored sign especially for us!

Our wedding colors were evident, even on the mini blinds. :)

beautiful flowers in our wedding colors with more rope
were the centerpiece for our festive and fun dinner together

here are the four of us at our wedding and also Erin and I

What is something special that a friend has done for you?


Speaking of weddings, I'd also like to send out a happy anniversary shout-out to Betty & Cliff today! Your love for each other is so fun to observe! love you guys!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Was your headpiece vintage? Love it!

A friend mailed me a package this week, just to be thoughtful.

Mindy S. said...

Just yesterday, Amy asked me if someone made her doll cradle for her. I was able to tell her that my very special friend that I have known since I was a little girl, Ms. Kelly, bought it and painted it just for her and even put her name on it. Her comment was "That was very nice, Mom!" She pulls it out around the house a lot to use wherever she is playing. It was and still is a very special gift--to both Amy and to me.


Karen said...

I had never seen these pictures before. How special! I have a very special quilt that many friends from work quilted for me when I retired. An heirloom that will last forever.