Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wedding Wednesday - my dress

I got started on the dress shopping pretty quickly. My first shopping trip was with my mom, Mandy and Sweetie.

I also tried on my mom's dress.

It was then that I started thinking about wearing her veil
which I ended up doing for the ceremony. I loved the way it looked and
wearing the same thing she had worn when she walked down the aisle.

photo by my mom

I found my dress at a little shop called the Bridal Boutique and really, really liked it
a whole lot! Another bonus was that it was comfortable. A lot of people asked if it was
vintage which was fun. I always thought I would wear a big white poofy gown but when
I tried those on and this one on, I just knew this was what I wanted more.

photo by Rachel Debell photography

close up of the lace work on the dress
photo by me

Sweetie (my grandma) made a beautiful hangar for me to keep my dress on that
had one of my great-grandmother's doilies on it. That was very special to me.
Here is my dress hanging in the bathroom that I got to get ready in at the bed and breakfast.

photo by Rachel Debell

So here is my question now . . .

where is your wedding dress?

How is it stored?

I do not want to spend the money to get it "preserved". I would like to store it someplace somewhat out of the way and yet where it will not be damaged. So, I would just like to know where you put yours and how you have it stored. Maybe writing this post and getting your feedback will finally inspire me, nearly a year later to find a home for it.

Presently it is hanging here:

right in the entry of our closet . . .

It has been in the entry closet, the craft closet, etc.

It needs a good home.



Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I was like you. I always thought that I would choose a big, poofy ball gown type of wedding dress, but as soon as I tried on my aunt's vintage, and very un-poofy, Grace Kelly gown I knew it was the dress for me.

We have a large master bedroom closet. My dress hangs there in a plastic protector bag.

Becky said...

Well, my dress is in our hall/coat closet in a plastic protector bag. I am REALLY thinking about having 2 pillows or 2 small blankets made out of it for my girls. I just don't think it's doing anything right now but taking up space. I'd like to think a pillow or a blanket might be appreciated when the girls are older.

Karen said...

As you know, mine is hanging in a guest room closet. It was not "heirloomed" but just hung in a plastic bag. I liked that since I could get to it when I wanted. I wore it once in a bridal fashion show which our church put on and then it was readily available when my precious daughter wanted to try it on.

I'm so glad you wore my veil. What precious memories, both of my own wedding and of yours.

Julie said...

Mine is preserved in a box wrapped in a blue plastic bag...I had every intention of selling it, but I loved my dress so much I can't bring myself to. So it sits in a box in the top of my closet, taking up precious storage space, out of sight, out of mind. I know someone who had it preserved in a box that had a window. The dresse was stuffed in such a way that the bodice had a form to it...pretty neat.

Heather said...

I had mine professionally cleaned and preserved and it now resides in my parents' closet, alongside my mom's. We were able to put a lot of mementos from the big day in the box too, so I'll always know where they are.

Deborah said...

I've kept mine in my closet in a plasitc bag. Actually, I went to the cleaners yesterday and asked how much they would charge to preserve it--they said $250.

I think it may be hanging in my closet a little while longer...

By the way, I LOVED your classy dress and veil.

Amy L said...

I used after hearing several recommendations. It's so easy, and cheaper than anyone locally. I just checked, and it's $129 right now. They send you a box and instructions, you send it to them using the prepaid postage sticker, and they send it back a week or so later cleaned and packed in a box. There are instructions on how to handle the dress if you want to take it out - I never have, but I liked knowing that I could. Highly recommend them!