Monday, January 25, 2010

baby's first shower!

Last Monday the baby and I had our first shower!

It was so much fun because

a) it was a surprise
b) it was a joint shower with a wonderful mama-to-be friend!

Last Monday we had an inservice day in our school district. All of the music teachers met together for a workshop all day. This is a really great group of people (who I didn't ask permission from to post their pictures on my blog, hence photos of only me but they were all there, trust me).

We were going along learning to play new songs and getting teaching technique help when they announced that we were going to take a break for a little shower.

We had it right there in the school cafeteria and they (two women teachers and three men) had a tablecloth, punch in a punch bowl, cake, nuts, pretzels, fun baby napkins and plates and presents. It was so special!

They each brought books for us. It was so much fun to get some board books for our sweet little one, including some of my favorites, anything Sandra Boynton writes!

One of the teachers even put music note ribbon around the books. :)

The start of Little One's board book library!

Do you have a favorite board book? What is it?



Demra Robbins and Marla Finley said...

Yea for showers, Kelly! That's awesome. I love that you got so many books. We love board books in our house and some are due to your generosity! One of our favs is "Where is Baby's Belly Button?"

I'd like to help with a shower. Is there already a friend one planned for your area? If so, please let the planner know.


Karen said...

Nana can't wait to read these little books.

Kelli said...

The Runaway Bunny

It's not a board book, but it is the sweetest book ever!

Deborah said...

Right now, Daniel's favorites are "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Daddy Loves Me".

I'm with you--I love anything by Sandra Boynton, especially "Barnyard Dance"--hilarious!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

So much fun!!! I love that they gave baby books... and great ones at that. If baby is a boy you must get "Freight Train" by Donald Crews, it has always been a favorite at our house and I love the minimalist, modern graphic design.

Mindy S. said...

What a fun shower and surprise! One of my favorite board books has been "Dear Zoo!" I have loved this one since I worked as a children's librarian, before I was even a mommy. It was always a favorite at toddler storytimes. And my girls have loved it too.
By any chance do you have any of the Boynton books that come with the CDs of music on them?

Sarah Kirksey said...

How fun, and what sweet friends you have! :) We looooove Boynton board books (say that 5x fast!)...Camryn's favorite right now is "One, Two, Three!" She smiles every time I read her the first page. Her other favorites are these tiny books shaped like barns that have pictures of farm animals inside (no story, just pictures and the name of each animal). Oh, and anything touch-and-feel!

BR said...

Awesome! So happy to see you are loved at work. It is such a blessing. fave board book - Goodnight Moon.
Love you!

Kori said...

What fun! Hannah and Brenden (as well as mom and dad) had Barnyard Dance and Moo Baa LaLaLa memorized a few years back. We have slacked and need to rememorize with Carter and Chase! I am so glad to see you got those! :-)

Anonymous said...

we love "Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?" By Eric Carl. SO cute!!

jennyc said...

We love the book "Peek a Zoo" by Nina Laden. So fun to hear about your first shower!

Kirstin said...

My girls loved Chicka Chicka ABC and Goodnight Moon!

Sandy said...

I scrolled down so I could see a pix of you PG! You are adorable.

Fun visiting you ... looks like things are going well for you!