Tuesday, January 5, 2010

travel Tuesday - cool chandelier

Isn't this a cool chandelier?

I love that it is made of lightbulbs and kitchen utensils.

This photo was taken at the

in NYC which I just learned doing a little searching online is no longer open, unfortunately.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in NYC?



Candace said...

YES! Bridge Cafe down near Waterfront. It is nearly under teh Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side. We ate there just before getting engaged. It is a little dimly lit hole-in-the-wall, but the food is AMAZING!

That chandelier is really neat.

Mindy S. said...

That is really cool! I wonder if Jes could figure out a way to make a smaller version of that to go over the island in our new kitchen? I wonder how much it would cost to get all of those utensils to make something like that? Hmmmm! Something to ponder on. :-)
Unfortunately, I have yet to visit NYC, so I do not have any favorite restaurants there. But I know who to call to get suggestions when ever I do get to go.

Karen said...

I think my favorite restaurant in NYC would have to be Serendipity. Yummy Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Lorilee said...

That is awesome.

Tanya Warpula said...

Yes lots! I shop there every year with my mom and friends. I love to go to the noho star cafe in Soho. http://www.nohostar.com/ YUM! And of course Ferrara's in Little Italy http://www.ferraracafe.com/home.php
-Tanya :)