Saturday, January 2, 2010

fitting it all in

Anyone have any encouraging stories of how yes, you did manage to rearrange your stuff, make a nursery out of an already full room and live happily ever after? I think I could use the encouragement and moral support today. :) Thanks. Kelly


Kori said...

Well, just know that "fitting it all in" is a recurring theme in life. Right now it is the nursery with your stuff. Later it is the kids' toys with the house. It always continues. So while that doesn't help you fit it right now, just take heart that you will get used to rearranging your house around the belongings, needs, and loves of your growing and changing family!
And also remember that the baby doesn't care what their nursery looks like. That is for us moms.
:-) So if you have something non-traditional in your nursery, Baby won't care! And after a few months with baby, all of the sweet nursery things will be spread out around your house, where you find yourself really using them!
Have fun. I know this wasn't neccessarily encouraging with tips. But hopefuly encouraging in that "it will be a-right"! :-)

Heather said...

I agree with Kori. It doesn't really matter what's in the baby's room. Honestly, Emily is never in her room right now...all her toys are in the living room, which is a pain, but we (yes, she helps!) clean it up at least once a day. When she's older (or at least old enough to not be in a crib), what's in her room will matter. But, for now, her room isn't used much.

Anonymous said...

Kelly - I'm sorry you are having a difficult time with this. It can be frustrating to squeeze it all in and I hope in the end you will have a room you love! We had the same issue but trust me there is no wrong way or right way ... just the way you like it! The baby won't know the difference and trust me again your home will change as they grow and so will your space needs. We had to stuff a glider w/ ottomen, twin bed, crib and changing table into the smallest room in the house. My Aunt's advice (a decorator) is to spread out the big furniture on each wall so you don't have one wall of just furniture. And to make collections close together. For example dont put pictures everywhere put them in little clumps in strategic spaces over desks, beds or cribs. So you can see some wall and some of the baseboards when you are done. This makes the room look more spacious even if its full. We took the bed off its frame and moved around the crib, bed frame and changing table until we had the most floor space. In the end I LOVE my Tayler's room. Good luck and keep at it. We would love to see pics when you are all done. Congrats again on your new bundle of joy.
Love Demra Robbins

Brenda said...

Yes, I trashed a BUNCH of things. And remember, your friends will love you and respect you no matter what the room and your house look like.
Also, I've found that every time I get Summer's room "just so", a major even happens and we have to move or change it somehow.
Remember all the time I spent fixing her room in July? And then everything happened in Aug/Sept. She now sleeps in my bed and barely goes in her room at all. That just goes to show that while a nice room is cool, it isn't the most important thing...not even to kids.