Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is there anything . . . ?

that cannot be improved upon with pom poms?

This is one of my kitchen cabinets (in my old kitchen actually).

To get this look, simply take off your ugly, plain, boring old apartment grade cabinet door. Thankfully on my cabinets, the holes for the screws are on the inside edge, not on the facing so you don't really see them. I just used double stick tape to tape up the fringe (or maybe tape rolled, I can't remember) and then line up your glasses nice and straight and there you go! :)

Do you like pom pom ball fringe?



Karen said...

I love when you post things that I remember.

Lorilee said...

So cute. I once made "lace" by folding parchement baking paper stips and cutting with decorative edging scissors and using a hole punch to make it look like eyelet. I need to do something again!