Sunday, February 14, 2010

baking Valentine's muffins . . .

using the muffin tin liners that we found in bulk yesterday at the restaurant supply!

500 for $1.95!

Who knew such bargains existed?


Happy Valentine's Day!



Jenni said...

score!! what a great bargain! what restaurant supply store did you go to?

Lo said...

I LOVE restaurant supply stores! I know Jenni already asked, but which one did you go to? I like Mission Restaurant Supply when I'm shopping for more commercial stuff and Williams-Sonoma has such cute stuff, too! I'm surprised more people haven't discovered restaurant supply stores for home kitchen supplies. They are such great little gems. :)

Kori said...


Meredith said...

I saw muffin liners on my trip down the baking aisle, but the kids were getting tired so I kept on walking.

What I would give to have an hour to myself in that place! Thanks for sharing another great deal!