Monday, February 1, 2010

happy February!

In my opinion, hearts are a wonderful thing to decorate with.

The red and white polka dot rectangles holding the hearts are gift card tins from Michael's.

The hearts are just cut out of different papers.

Red enamelware has been collected from various antique shops and flea markets.

The old camera probably came from Canton when we were collecting them to decorate my brother and sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner with.

The red pyrex dish with a heart chipped out of the corner was a gift from my mom.

The bottle is from a frappucino. It is filled with black and white buttons bought here.

The wire bicycle came from Junk-a-doodle.

There you have it.

Happy heart month!

If you're decorating with hearts this month, I'd love to see your decor as well. Leave me a comment and/or a link.




Karen said...

Love your Heart Stuff! And love you and yours with all my Heart!

Sarah B said...

I put "Happy February" on my Warm-Up screen for my students, and a student last period said - "what's so happy about it?" Ugh. Middle schoolers :) I also wrote on the board "only 24 more shopping days until Miss Booker's birthday!" Looking forward to coming up to see the hearts in person.

BR said...

hello, ms. booker! you and my husband have the same birthday! cliff was born on feb 25 too! kelly, i redid my mantle in hearts yesterday. I'll try to get a post up soon!

hometown girl said...

so pretty. i have red in my house too. i love splashes of it!