Friday, February 12, 2010

unexpected snow day & bonus "love day"

Normally I would just now be getting out of school.

And at this stage of my pregnancy, I'm pretty much pooped at the end of every day.

Everyone says go home and rest and put your feet up which is a nice thought but at the same time there are so many things I *want* to be doing at home, getting ready for baby, keeping the house under control, decorating for Valentines, etc.

Twelve and a half inches of snow fell steadily through a twenty-four hour period onto the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex yesterday.


Yesterday I had to go to work but today Adrian and I both got a snow day!

What a HUGE blessing this has been!

Sleeping in, getting rest to get over my case of the sniffles, cleaning up a bit, etc. snug as birds in their own little nest.

Enjoying the beauty outside our windows.

It is not only a wonderful snow day but feels like a bonus love day!

Right after college graduation, I went on a campaign to Italy with a group of about twelve other students, a wonderful professor and his family.
One of the students in our group had had a professor the semester before who had deemed every Friday "love day".
Our campaign group adopted that as well and every Friday of the trip became a day to do something nice for each other or something special as a group like going to a special breakfast place for Italian cappuccinos and espressos.
Since today is Friday and is also the kick-off day to Valentine's weekend, it definitely seems like an extra "love day" today.

For you local readers, did you get a day off today or yesterday because of the snow?
Do you have power? We are so thankful to have power when we've heard that there are those who don't.
If you're having an unexpected snow day (no matter what part of the country you're in, as I know many places have snow - so much for global warming!) and a bonus "love day" what are you doing with it?

The snow is melting quite steadily as I hear "drip, drip, drip" everytime I open the door.

It's not even below freezing so tonight we're going out for crepes!

happy love day!

stay warm and dry!


p.s. photos of snow and hot chocolate by my husband, all other photos by me


Marla Robbins Finley said...

Hey, Gal! We have enjoyed playing the snow bigtime. Can you believe it? I'm glad you have power. We are thankful for it too. We are glad to work from home. Check out the videos and pictures I posted on our blog today:

Love you and hope you feel great soon.

PS--I love that you still have that cute Hungarian heart I got for you so long ago. --Marla

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Lucky you! A snow day...hope you have a lovely Valentine's weekend. I've got a giveaway going on for my 100th blog post--stop by if you can.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm loving all of your V'day decorating! So festive and fun! We had a snow day today as well. The boys wore me out playing in it!

Love Day, I love that!

I've got pork chops and homemade bread going for dinner. We'll be staying in. Enjoy your crepes.

Lorilee said...

Your Valentine decorations are so cute. The snow is beautiful. Further South in Victoria (between Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus, we have only gotten lots of rain!

Jacquie said...

Such a fun day! This extra day off came at the perfect time!!

Karen said...

Love your snow pictures! Have a wonderful "love weekend"